Site assembled silos

Site assembly, all around the globe

Sometimes, transportation of your silo to the installation site in one piece simply is not an option due to high transport costs or other limitations. Ellimetal has the capabilities to assemble your silo on-site anywhere in the world through our specialized and experienced site teams. Petrochemical and logistics companies on every continent rely on Ellimetal for this kind of site projects.

For Ellimetal's site assembled silos, there is no limitation in size, all diameters and cylinder heights are possible.

Pre-assembly in our workshop

The silo parts are pre-fabricated in our workshops. They are cut and rolled to the right size and flanges are provided where they are required.



The parts are shipped to the site by trucks for projects in Europe and in 40ft sea containers for worldwide projects. This significantly reduces transport costs. 


Assembly on-site

The silos are assembled on-site anywhere in the world by our specialized and experienced site teams. These certified welders, equipped with the best welding equipment and tools, deliver the highest quality on the market.

Your partner for worldwide site-assembly

Ellimetal has references for site-assembled silo projects all over the world. Our clients value the excellent follow-up by our project engineers and the experienced, specialized site teams that we have for this kind of jobs.