Special designs

Special designs

At Ellimetal, we are not afraid of special, challenging projects. The exact opposite, we have a complete range of special designs.

Supported on load cells

Monitoring processes digitally and continously is becoming more and more important in the industry. With a silo supported on load cells, it is possible to monitor your stock with high precision. Ellimetal is able to design your silo so that it can be supported on load cells, but also the complete weighing system can be included in our scope.

Explosion protection

Some of the bulk solids stored in silos can be explosive. With the explosion values of your product, Ellimetal is able to design your silo for the elevated pressures that may occur and if requested equip the silo with the necessary vent panels and safety features.

Boxed silos

Boxed silos can be a solution to reduce transport costs for large distances. Up to 4 silos can be transported in one package using this principle. These silos, each with a slightly different diameter, are slided into each other for transportation. The roof is executed with a bolted flange connection.

Silo supports

Ellimetal can also engineer, manufacture and assemble the steel structure to support our silos. This steel structure is fully customized to your requirements, it can be foreseen with or without aluminium roofing, cladding with plates on the sides, intermediate platforms, etc.

Sludge silos

In water purification processes, sludge silos are widely used to separate and dispose the sludge from water.