The correct conservation for your equipment

Ellimetal has its own halls for pickling and passivation or for lining and coating.

Each workshop has its own, fully climatized blasting and painting shop where coating and lining systems can be applied in the best conditions.  As a result, we can not only respect the contractual delivery terms, we also guarantee the best quality of the applied paint systems.


Our stainless steel products are pickled and passivated in a fully equipped pickling hall at our premises.  Respect for the environnment is pivotal during this process : the pickling products are collected and recycled in a closed circuit.


Safety, Health & Environment are our highest priority at Ellimetal. Ensuring the highest levels of health and safety is the duty of everyone across the company, wherever they work. It is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously. Safe disposal and recycling are top priorities within our company.  Filter installations reduce emissions to a minimum.

painting blasting lining

We also apply all kind of linings and/or coating systems in order to protect the inner or outer surface:

  • Soft rubber lining;
  • Hard rubber lining;
  • PTFE lining;
  • FRP coating;
  • Glass lining;
  • Hot spray coating...

Our specialists and our partners are glad to give you specific advice as to which system to apply for a maximum life-time.