All the way to the customer's site

Maxtrans, Ellimetal’s sister company, has an in-house team of specialists with many years of experience & expertise in organising and executing exceptional transport. 

Big equipment can be shipped directly from our quay at the Albert Canal in Genk to remote sites worldwide. By using inland barges and sea-going vessels, we eliminate hundreds of lorries on the roads every year to minimise our environmental footprint.


Where there is the possibility to deliver by road, Maxtrans has the know-how and the suitable, innovative material to deliver the equipment in optimal condition at its final destination.


When desired by the client, our crew will follow the equipment to its destination on site for final assembly and commissioning.

Transport without limitations

Secure transport to the site

To a maximum extend dressed in the workshop and then transported has many advantages for the customer.

fully dressed tranport

Transport is our business

Via road or via water, we give you our best options.