Save time and logistics

More and more customers trust Ellimetal with the scope of all dressing activities to minimize site works and safety regulations on site. Therefore we provide a ‘fully dressed service’ including blasting and painting, pickling and passivating, insulation, fire-proofing, ladders and platforms, installation of internals and E&I, logistics. The coordination in one hand can save a lot of valuable time at the end of a project.


Ellimetal can include a broader scope of work to lighten the works on site and save you precious time. We provide a ‘fully dressed service’ including:

  • Blasting and painting
  • Pickling and passivating
  • Insulation
  • Fire-proofing (skirt)
  • Delivery and trial fit of ladders and platforms
  • Piping, pipe spools, overhead lines
  • Assembling of internals
  • E&I, valves, tracing, junction boxes and cable trays
  • Coordination of remaining activities
  • Logistics

By taking over these activities we can gain valuable time in regard to your on site deadlines.

piping ladders and platforms

Save time

Insulation, piping, ladders and platforms are mounted on the equipment before it is transported to the site.